WASHINGTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Biotech Institute, LLC, the global leader in hemp and cannabis plant breeding, science, and innovation, and Booshoot, LLC (“Booshoot”) announced today that they have finalized a groundbreaking technology licensing agreement that will set a new standard for the propagation of hemp and cannabis. The deal grants Biotech Institute exclusive rights to Booshoot’s innovative proprietary micropropagation methods enabling renewable, sustainable plant production on a mass scale without genetic modification at a fraction of the cost of traditional propagation.

Biotech Institute secures novel propagation technology setting the stage for fundamental changes in hemp and cannabis markets.

Booshoot, founded by Jackie Heinricher, is a world leader in proprietary commercial-scale plant propagation methods, a technology that will expand the reach of Biotech Institute’s diversified portfolio spanning tailored plant genetics exhibiting novel concentrations and combinations of phytocannabinoids, terpenoids, and other metabolites.

“Following exhaustive, global due diligence on the various technology players in the space, it was clear that Biotech Institute’s forward-looking mindset, focus on product efficacy and safety, and successful innovation-focused breeding made it the most obvious home for our technology,” said Heinricher. “Our technology’s track record speaks for itself [referencing the application of the Booshoot technology to the mass propagation of ornamental and timber bamboo]; the opportunity to integrate our technology with Biotech Institute’s genetics portfolio will make a significant impact on the progress of the cannabis and hemp industries and was one that we could not pass on.”

“This micropropagation technology lowers plant costs, exponentially increases the ability to propagate unprecedented numbers of plants, and eliminates disease and pests pressure, while spawning plants with performance and yields that in many instances are superior to seedlings,” said Biotech Institute President Gary Hiller.

Biotech Institute is one of the cannabis industry’s most disruptive technology leaders that has caught the attention of NBC News, GQ Magazine, Forbes, Mashable, Wired, Silicon Valley Business Journal, etc. and continues to not only blaze the trail for intellectual property in scaled agriculture, but has also facilitated the unprecedented development of the most chemically diverse, award-winning, cannabis genetics library in the world. Its continued growth along with superior partners such as Booshoot, enable farmers to grow plants with highly-specified compositions, enhanced quality, and higher value to differentiate their products from the competition.

About Biotech Institute, LLC

Inspired by nature and guided by curiosity, Biotech Institute (“BI”) is an innovation company focused on developing novel plant-based therapeutics and related technologies. BI has built a robust global intellectual property portfolio including cannabis cultivars with increased efficacy and enhanced safety profiles, new analytic methods, and novel plant propagation technologies. BI’s toolbox of plant genetics has enabled cultivators to win numerous awards at prestigious cannabis and hemp competitions. For more information, visit:

About Jackie Heinricher

As Founder and President of Booshoot Technology, Jackie Heinricher re-launched her company in 2016 specializing in the development of a new plant sciences leading to innovative forestry, agriculture, and pulp invention; biotechnology concerned with emphasis on humanitarian non-GMO technologies. Today in addition to managing the company, Ms. Heinricher continues to spearhead visionary intellectual property development, has authored numerous patents and articles for peer reviewed journals, and has been featured in the Seattle Times, New York Times, NPR, etc. For more information, visit: