At its heart, Biotech Institute is an innovation company; but for the human condition.

Inspired by nature and guided by curiosity, we seek novel ways to improve and elevate our quality of life by developing plant-based therapeutics and related technologies.

Along this journey of discovery — which has focused on unlocking the “pharmacological treasure trove” that is cannabis — we often generate exciting IP breakthroughs, including:

Type I, Type II, and Type III cannabis chemovars with stable, predictable terpenoid content.

Chemovars designed for improved control of pain, inflammation, convulsion, and anxiety.

Chemovars with reduced adverse events, such as panic, psychosis, and memory impairment.

Encouragingly, many cultivators have already begun to draw from our genetic toolbox to breed safer and more effective material for patients…

Yet these are just stepping stones toward the larger, ever-evolving vision of coexisting in greater harmony with nature, and utilizing its precious resources to enhance our enduring wellbeing and happiness.